MEF schools consulted to our company for the planning and implementing service at Kagithane Ferit Aysan Çağdaş Primary School regarding the renovation work of a library and a computer room which were out of condition. Our company was volunteer for implementation and planning in this project led by MEF schools.


Gallery interrior design

ZON SHOPPING MALL Interrior Architecture

Flying Marble Wooden Commode

İstanbul Levent Kanyon E.K. Residential Architecture Project

Beans Seat & Coffe Table

İzmir E.K. Mansion Architecture Project

Wooden Carved Bed & Stainless Night Table

İstanbul Beşiktaş Balmumcu M.Y. Residential Architecture Project

Multifunctional Living Space Unit

İstanbul Etiler S.Ç. Residential Architecture Project

Wainscot Incognito Window

İstanbul Bebek M.K. Roadside Housing Architecture Project

İzmir İ.K. Mansion Architecture Project

İzmir İ.K. Mansion Architecture Project

The Cupcake Baby brand established by the same year when my precious daughter Alya was born in 2004. It’s aiming to be a pioneer in the sector by designing baby rooms that creates a difference with it continuity and convertibility. Every designed baby room and the story of each piece of the furniture, their architectural narrative makes Cupcake Baby brand more than a furniture trademark. Informations from infant and pregnancy development specialists such as “ Tracy Hogg, Melinda Blau, Sandee E.Hathaway, Sheila Ellison, Susan Ferdinandi “ The Montessori methodology incorporates the guiding principles of infant chambers into creative concepts and narratives.

Special Design Furniture
Room Decoration